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Polar Foam Benefits

Professionally installed spray in place foam insulation expands to fill small cracks and gaps in a building and is more effective at reducing air infiltration than standard insulation products. Because it is able to seal off more drafts wherever it is applied, spray foam insulation is able to help keep out more unwanted heat, cold, moisture, dust, noise, and pests than standard insulation. .

  • Spray Foam is good for the environment
  • Reduces Air Infiltration
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Increased comfort - draft-free, moisture management
  • Excellent R-Value
  • Consistently Outperforms Fiberglass & Cellulose
  • Maintains Stable R-value Over Time
  • Adds strength to the building structure - Doesn't Shrink, Sag, or Settle
  • Contains No VOC's
  • Contains No Formaldehyde
  • High Fire Rating (Class 1)
  • Reduces Sound Transmission
  • Higher home resale value


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