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1. Chemical Holding Tanks

2003 - Vertical and Horizontal Tank Systems

Completed by C&S Insulation Inc. for Clemmer Technologies Inc.

(Click to enlarge the photos)

Tank 1 - Vertical Tank

Tank 2 - Horizontal Tank

Diagram 1
Before jacket completion the tank top was reinforced with Rigid Calcium Silicate for walk-on purposes

Diagram 1
Horizontal tank (end view before completion)

Diagram 2
Bottom and side view of tank

Diagram 2
Insulated tank without finished jacket

Diagram 3
Completed tank top view

Diagram 3
End and side view of completed tank

About the Tanks

These products are chemical holding tanks that have been insulated for Clemmer Technologies Inc. The insulation systems were completed in 2003.

Chemical Vertical Holding Tank

Clemmer Technologies Inc. - 2003 - Chemical Vertical Holding Tank

Clemmer Technologies Inc. - 2003 - Chemical Horizontal Holding Tank

Key Benefits

  • Prevents from causing liquid crystallization within the tank
  • Insulated to maintain a constant temperature within the tank
  • Provides energy conservation to preserve fuel/hydro consumption
  • Provides protection from the elements

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